Business Formation, Sales and Acquistions

A significant part of Mr. Petralia’s practice has always been assisting  individuals or groups form, buy or sell a business.    While General Counsel of Sloan’s Supermarkets, Mr. Petralia was frequently engaged in the sale or purchase of supermarket businesses.  Today, he represents supermarket operators.  In addition, his experience in the supermarket business been a valuable asset in sale or acquisition transactions in other industries.  He now has clients in a broad range of businesses including  horticulture & interiorscape, motor vehicle repair & auto body, ballroom dance (Arthur Murray),  video presentations, as well as advertising, engineering, medicine and of course,  real estate.


Mr. Petralia has extensive experience with start ups.  He is familiar with organization and operation of partnerships, corporations and limited liability entities.  Always mindful of tax implications of business formation and operation, he works well with accountants and business advisors.


As counsel to a variety of businesses, Mr. Petralia has extensive experience assisting clients in an array of issues and problems, such as non competes, disclosures, employee relations and collections.  To assist clients when a problem arises which is in an area not of his expertise, Mr. Petralia has affiliations with a panoply of competent colleagues.  


More recently, Mr. Petralia has become involved in the formation of New York Not for Profit Corporations. 


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